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Michigan partners with nXlvl, a new NIL app for student-athletes

By: Brock Heilig, September 11, 2023

The slow, yet methodical process of bringing NIL into full force at the University of Michigan continued on Monday when the university announced its official partnership with nXlvl (Next Level).

According to the release, “nXlvl is a groundbreaking tech platform at the intersection of college sports and digital innovation built for athletes by athletes. With its comprehensive solution to democratize influence and level the playing field for college athletes, nXlvl is transforming the landscape of NIL.”

“Aimed at diehard fans, student athletes, and brand marketers, nXlvl is set to revolutionize how athletes connect with fans, monetize their talent, and engage with brands while maintaining compliance with NCAA regulations.”

The University of Michigan was the first university to officially partner with nXlvl. The fan club on the app will be known as ‘The Block.’

“‘There is no better place in the world for nXlvl to launch than The University of Michigan,’ said U of M Athletics Alum Gabe Newburg. ‘Through creation of The Block, I approached it from the lens of a fan and former student athlete to build something truly special for all involved. The Block, powered by nXlvl, surrounds the student athlete with all the right tools to capitalize on the ever-changing NIL landscape and gives the fans an experience like no other.'”

For student-athletes, nXlvl will serve as an app to help players gain exposure and grow their personal brand.

“Student athletes on the nXlvl app gain unprecedented exposure and control over their personal brand. The platform offers a reimagined social profile that enables athletes to showcase their athletic achievements, connect with other athletes and fans, all while building a strong network to enhance their NIL value.”

Volleyball player Kendall Murray endorsed nXlvl in the release.

“nXlvl has provided me with amazing tools to create my own brand and start to promote it to fans and brands,” Murray said. “This is really next level and a game changer for student athletes like me to be able to promote and monetize my brand by just being a part of The Block. Joining The Block gives me a new way to reach Michigan Fans and Brands all around the world!”

The app officially launched on Sept. 2, so it will likely take some time to generate popularity.

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