Crisis PR: What to do when “crisis” strikes your business

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If you are in business long enough, you will face a crisis. Big or small, it’s a matter of when, not if. Whether a client is badmouthing your business on Google or something more cricitial like a legal issue with an employee or a natural disaster, having a PR will help you not only plan for crisis PR – but walk you through it.

An organization should never go through a crisis alone. A brand’s reputation is its livelihood and a crucial part in the longevity of its success. Unanticipated issues can arise any time and that’s why we tell our clients a few things.

  1. Have a Plan: A PR team can handle a crisis at any point, but being prepared ahead of time with a Crisis Communications Plan will mean time spent asking ‘what if’ when a crisis does occur. Having a crisis plan means you can respond in a calm and collected manner armed with a path to follow. We help our clients all
    the time to understand how to handle crises and what steps to take should something arise.
  2. Don’t Panic: We have seen it all during our years in PR and we can help you through any issue. You’ve got a plan. And at the top of that plan is ‘call your PR team!’ One crisis with a PR professional by your side is worth its weight in gold!
  3. Move Strategically & Confidently: When you are in a crisis, it can feel out of control and upsetting. We understand! But we have the expertise and guidance to help you navigate your issues so you can keep telling your story – and protect your valuable reputation.

Our approach is simple but it’s backed with years of experience. We can help you monitor and manage your social media, repair your online reputation and we also offer media training, so you can speak confidently about your mission and your story to journalists who will inevitably call.

There are certain “rules of engagement” for crisis PR and we are well versed in helping you maintain your vision and get back on track.

If you don’t have a crisis PR plan or if you are in a crisis, don’t be afraid to reach out. We can help you ride out the storm.

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