Don’t fear the Reels: Why you need to be posting them on your Instagram

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We all watch Reels, the short, fun, informative or trending videos on Instagram. But are you posting them regularly on your business page? If you aren’t – you might be missing out.

Instagram Reels are a great way to share your brand’s story – and spread the word to a wider audience. Reels stay on Instagram until you delete them and they can be up to a minute and a half long – and there are so many ways to customize them with music, stickers and text.

However, we know they can be intimidating – but they don’t have to be. Reels are a must-do for all brands and businesses. They raise awareness, make you more relatable, can establish you as a thought leader and help you make money by driving sales.

Anyone can make a basic Reel. Here are three tips to consider when you make your first one:

  1. Shoot your video in good lighting. By investing in a ring light or just seeking out a good, well-lit space (have the subject face a window or natural light source) you will make your Reel look better and more professional. No one wants a dark, grainy video that is hard to see. Take the time to get the lighting right.
  2. Take more video than you think you need and get lots of different angles or clips of the same scene so you have options and can get creative! And use templates in Reels or CapCut – so you can edit seamlessly. They are foolproof – we swear!
  3. Use trending audio. Take the time to figure out what songs are trending, or just browse Reels/TikTok for inspiration. The better you can merge trending audio in with your brand’s story the better.
  4. Use captions native to the Instagram app – you can turn them on if you are speaking in the Reel.

When you do make your first Reel, don’t forget to share it with us or tag us on social media! We’d love to see it. And if you need help in this area, we love making Reels for our clients! Reels are an important part of your marketing and communications strategy, but just a part, we’d love to help you make sure the Reels are accomplish the bigger goal of your business or nonprofit!

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Do you need help with Reels for your business or non-profit organization? We can help you create sharable Reels that people will love. Contact Walker Publicity to learn more.

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