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Founded in 2007 by Andrea Walker-Leidy, Walker Publicity is a creative partner working with business and nonprofit organizations to identify and help share their unique story.

Thinking outside of the box, Walker has been the backbone of many businesses, individuals and nonprofits as they navigate the world of publicity, social media and new media formats. Walker has also been integral in creating marketing plans, press releases, media campaigns, media lists and developing a true media relationship for her clients throughout Metro Detroit, and beyond.

​Walker Publicity Consulting has one goal; to see businesses and organizations grow in simple and measurable ways through effective marketing and publicity. This goal is obtained through strategic marketing development, branding ideas, media campaigns, social media management, and the ability to adapt within any industry. It takes a humble confidence to work with internal marketing and public relations teams. Walker sees strength in becoming an additional resource and an added value. The Walker Publicity team becomes an extension of your team.

Committed to community and small businesses, Walker creates marketing, publicity and social media campaigns from start to finish. There is no one size fits all marketing strategy. Walker knows this and works with her clients to truly create the specific plan they need. Whether you need a full scope marketing strategy, or just someone to come alongside your team to manage social media sites, Walker is the answer.

The old adage is true: word of mouth is the best marketing. Let Walker Publicity help spread the word.

We discover your unique pieces, and help you to embrace your story. Then we can develop and share that message to create an awareness that drives clients, partners and consumers. By working with Walker Publicity, your marketing, publicity and social media will grow and evolve with your organization’s ability to handle, manage and glean from it.


Local Relevance for Local Businesses & Organizations

We strongly believe in delivering innovative strategies to your ideas. Walker Publicity focuses on “local” publicity. We define local as your ideal demographic. Your reach. Your ideal clients.

Social media expands who you can reach and is integral to defining just what your “local” will be. If you’re not on social media, you’re missing out on an easy marketing tool! With the integration of social media, you become the news source, connecting with audiences across the globe, and right down the street. Once we review your social media accounts, Walker assists with management and content to make sure that you’re always current and in the conversation.

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