Nonprofit PR tips from the pros: What you can do this spring to get ready for your fall/winter annual appeal

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Spring is a great time to get a handle on what your PR efforts. And although it seems like you have plenty of time, now is the time to solidify what your strategy will be in the fall and winter — especially for nonprofits that will be gearing up for an annual appeal.

You promised yourself last year that you’d get a head start on crafting stories for your appeal this year. And, one wants the last-minute crush of work that comes with that busy and critical time of year.
With just a few small steps now, you can get ahead of the game for your organization’s crunch time – and hopefully, raise more money and recruit more people to support your mission.

Here are some things to consider doing this spring:

  1. Set a goal to post regularly on social media: If your fans and followers are used to hearing from you regularly, it won’t seem strange to see you posting in the fall and winter asking for donations. This can be as simple as drafting consistent posts that share your message and your “why” all over your social media. Talk about who you serve and don’t be afraid to post videos or reels, too. This will lay the groundwork for asking people to support your mission with their hard-earned money. Create a calendar. Hire a photographer if you don’t have professional images. Or, better yet, hire a social media team to work with you!
  2. Evaluate the platforms you use to reach your donors: Social media is a fantastic way to reach people but it isn’t the only way. Nonprofits can gain traction by communicating via their website, regular email newsletters, podcasts, newspaper op-eds, as well as being present at community gatherings and events. With the help of PR, nonprofits are also gaining more visibility via radio or television interviews. Are you reaching out enough? Are you visible? If you need help with this, that’s what we do!
  3. Don’t neglect relationships: For people to want to donate their money, they will need to feel a connection to your organization. Developing these relationships with donors – and potential donors is key, so inviting donors to events and other activities can help build that bridge. People give to what they connect with and trust. Consistency builds that trust.
  4. Set goals: Maybe you go into your annual appeal hoping to get what you get and then going from there. But if you take some time to figure out what you need and then goal-set from there, you might be surprised at how far you can go. It’s never a bad idea to aim high. Your goal might also help you determine where your outreach is focused, which donors you’re trying to reach, and what those specific asks will be.

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