Plan to be spontaneous: The importance of creating an annual social media content calendar

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The New Year is all about making a plan. Whether that is a resolution to drink more water or a goal to read more books, now is the time to plan. And if you have a brand or business, there’s no time like the present to get your annual social media content calendar squared away.

While it may seem daunting, planning a social media content calendar for your brand or business will save you time throughout the year when it comes to writing up your monthly content.

An annual calendar is a real lifesaver, especially if you struggle to post consistently on your brand or business social media pages. Here are a few reasons to get started this year.

More effective content

A content calendar makes your content more effective.

How? By allowing you to look at the big picture and plan pushes and posts to coincide with days that make sense for your brand or business. For example, say you make pet products. Knowing when National Dog Day is a big deal, right? So you’ll want to post on that day for sure. And knowing when other holidays or observances are will allow you to plan for photos, craft the perfect text and research popular hashtags – so you aren’t scrambling last minute.

All of this makes your content more targeted – and more effective.

A larger view

When you do content on the fly, it’s easy to do the same thing repeatedly and miss opportunities to speak to your audience creatively.

Think of it this way: Are you only ever promoting your sales or products? That is boring – and your audience likely won’t respond. So instead, with a calendar, you can plan out different posts: Promotional, educational, and fun pieces that can draw engagement and drive conversations and connections.


With social media, one of the main mistakes brands and businesses make a lack of consistency. While there is no hard and fast rule about how often you should post, you should post consistently. And a calendar allows you to come up with ideas to make those posts and schedule them.

By consistently planning content you don’t have to think about, you’ll also free yourself up to create fun and spontaneous posts that can spark interest in your brand or business.

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