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It’s Not Just a Tuesday: Mastering Your Story with Andrea Walker-Leidy

Welcome to “It’s Not Just a Tuesday” Podcast

Join Andrea Walker-Leidy, a seasoned PR and social media content expert, as she unravels the art of storytelling for personal branding, entrepreneurship, and professional growth. In “It’s Not Just a Tuesday,” Andrea doesn’t just share stories – she empowers you to tell yours.

About the Podcast

Each episode of “It’s Not Just a Tuesday” is a treasure trove of expertise and actionable tips. Andrea, as both a successful entrepreneur and mom, knows firsthand the power of a well-told story. She’s here to guide you on how to craft your narrative, enhance your brand, and achieve business success.

Who Should Listen?

Aspiring and Established Entrepreneurs

Learn how to use storytelling as a tool for branding and business growth.

Professionals Seeking Growth

Discover strategies to elevate your professional narrative and achieve new heights in your career.

Anyone with a Story to Tell

Gain insights into how simple and impactful sharing your story can be.

Our Focus

Personal Branding

Andrea shows you how to shape and share your story to create a compelling personal brand.

Entrepreneurship & Business Growth

Listen to real-life examples of how effective storytelling drives business success.

Practical Tips and Strategies

Get hands-on advice from a PR pro on creating engaging content and building your social media presence.

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Release Schedule

“It’s Not Just a Tuesday” releases new episodes bi-weekly, blending Andrea’s expertise with your busy schedule.

Launching March 2024

Get ready to take control of your narrative and share your unique Tuesdays with the world. Our first episode airs in March 2024.

Special Guests & Real-Time Coaching

Guest Expertise: Each episode features guests who share their success stories and expertise.
Real-Time Storytelling: Watch Andrea work with guests in real-time to demonstrate how easy it is to craft and share a compelling story.

Get Involved

Share Your Journey: Have a story or expertise that could inspire others? We’d love to feature you.
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Pitch your story or get more information at admin@walkerpublicity.com.

Join Andrea Walker-Leidy on “It’s Not Just a Tuesday” and start shaping the narrative of your success.

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