There’s no ROI in PR

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If LinkedIn was TikTok, you would see me in a video with “Fame” music streaming and the words “add 5 years to your life every time you hear this” floating across the screen while I danced a routine that took too long to learn.

I would also never actually do that, but you get it… I hear this phrase a lot.

💥There is no tangible value to publicity.
💥Social Media has no ROI.
💥You can’t see marketing results from media outreach.

What you cannot get from PR is the same ROI as a “clip this coupon” campaign.

What you CAN get is lasting, tangible, relationship-built credibility that sustains much longer than a one-time coupon customer.

We recently did an annual review of website traffic to one of our clients sites. What it showed was that while yes, #Google brings the most search traffic (more to come on how to do this organically), news and social media sites combined brought in more than 25% of their traffic.

This means someone read an article, saw a blog, followed an influencer, engaged with a post, and clicked to their site.

That is ROI.

This ROI doesn’t account for the thousands of readers, viewers, followers who see now and act later. That number is bigger, intangible and lasts forever.

Building a brand is bigger than one moment, one ad, or one story.

In my world, publicity and branding are about seeing results now while on your way to a lasting impression.

Yes, there are fancy stats and algorithms to get the data. But has any business owner ever not been able to tell when business got busier or better after doing XYZ?

When it’s working, you know!

Business growth, more engagement, meeting sales goals, igniting a community to follow you….THAT is ROI!

If you’re ready to see the ROI that comes from social media and PR, reach out!

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