Thought Leadership 101: What your brand or business needs to know

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When the media is looking for an expert to interview, social media is one of the first places they look.
If you want to increase your media exposure, one way to do so is by becoming a thought leader in your space. What does this mean exactly? Thought leadership builds up your credibility so you become known as an expert or a resource in your field.

Thought leadership might look like creating blogs on industry topics, having a robust YouTube channel with educational videos, or sharing weekly tips on Instagram or TikTok. It can also mean posting current topics and “tips of the trade” regularly on LinkedIn. This content should be part of a long-term marketing strategy, and it can pay off.

Posting educational, informative content relevant to your business or brand is always great. And it can boost your profile as more and more people find and engage with your content.
It shows your expertise and experience and that you are well-spoken, helpful, and engaging – all good things for your brand regarding the media.

Thought leadership can also help you grow your social media following and boost engagement – people love free stuff, and offering free advice or tips is one way to provide value to your followers and fans.

How do you start the process? Here are some tips:

  • Know who you are trying to reach and then answer their questions.
  • Have a consistent and active social media presence, posting regularly on platforms that make sense for your brand (and having engaging videos and photos!)
  • Make sure you post a variety of content. Don’t just promote yourself. Share links, participate in holidays or events that fit your brand, and be active – sharing, liking, and commenting on other posts.
  • Take inspiration from other thought leaders.
  • Be yourself – and tell your unique story. We say this often, but your audience will find you if you create and share authentic, consistent, and genuine content.

If you want to jump into the thought leadership space, Walker Publicity can help. We’ve guided clients down this path and can help you with a clear strategy. Contact us today!

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