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Do you know how you feel about a good book, the kind you make all your friends read so you can talk to SOMEONE about how it moved you?

That’s the power of a story: The rich details, the little touches, the deep characters get into your brain and make you feel something.

Telling stories is as old as humanity. While we’ve gone from tales passed down through generations by word of mouth, to books and television, to cinema and social media, the truth is – powerful, moving stories are at the heart of who we are.

I love telling stories, and I love finding those fantastic little details that spark hope, philanthropy, friendship, and commerce. It’s why I do what I do – and why I love working with businesses and organizations eager to share their own stories.

At Walker Publicity, storytelling is at the heart of everything we do.

So, what do we do exactly? Let’s start at the beginning, like every good story.

In 2007, I was working as a freelance writer after leaving a job as a local newspaper editor when I realized that so many people had stories to tell and didn’t know how to get their stories out to the world. Small businesses didn’t have the budget to hire full-time public relations professionals or big companies, but they needed to find ways to share their expertise. I had spent a few years developing great relationships with some local media, so I decided maybe I could be that connection. I would write stories the media needed, and small businesses would get their ‘moment of fame’ in the news and share their unique stories. And just like that, to meet this beautiful need and pay my rent, Walker Publicity was born.

Fast-forward to 2015: Dozens of clients, national accolades, a few awards, a couple of other odd jobs, a marriage, a son, and the entrance of social media later… I re-launched Walker Publicity with the same goals I had in 2007. I wanted to find innovative ways to share the amazing stories of local businesses and nonprofits with the audiences they hoped to reach. I also wanted to use my eight years of experience and collaboration to help people connect.

And so, in that re-launch, Walker Publicity became a sort of silent partner with the businesses we serve.

When we work with clients, we work with your team – seamlessly – telling your stories on social media and in traditional media. We can develop engaging social media content, write blogs, create marketing calendars and plans, craft press releases (and get them into the hands of reporters and editors). In addition, we help you build relationships between your business and people who love you and want to work with you in Metro Detroit and beyond.

We are adaptable, relentlessly optimistic, and responsive – as such, we see ourselves as a complement to your existing internal marketing or public relations team members if you have them. Since your business is unique, our strategy is unique. So, whether you need a complete marketing strategy and someone to execute it, or a little help spreading the word about your amazing work via public relations, our team is the answer.

Think of us as the ghostwriter and publisher of your story, pulling out the details that will enlighten and enrich your customers and community – the ones you’ve met and the ones you’re hoping to meet soon.

Whether you are on the first page of your story or you are already on your sequel, the Walker team can pick up the threads of your story and weave it into a colorful, exciting piece that others will want to hear about.

I can’t wait to share more about what we love, welcome a few guest bloggers, and introduce you to my incredible team. If you have questions about publicity, social media, or marketing, send them our way!

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