What Makes Good News? Walker Publicity Reverses Roles and Interviews Fox 2 Detroit’s Roop Raj

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Relationships: For the past 15 years, that’s been the one thing that has been the most important part of my career and business development. When you work in publicity, the time I’ve invested creating really good media relationships is often the reason I am able to get the stories of our clients told.

If you’ve ever wondered how someone’s business was able to get on the news last night, or why you keep hearing about ‘such-and-such’ brand online and in the news, it’s likely because they have someone like me shouting their name from the rooftops. Well, not actual rooftops. Truly it’s someone like me, behind the scenes sending emails, making calls and crafting media pitches with the hope of piquing the interest of a media person like Roop Raj at Fox 2 Detroit.

I’ve had the privilege of knowing and working with Roop on dozens of stories over the years and he is truly one of the Detroit area’s favorite new anchors. Roop was nice enough to take a few minutes with me this month to talk about his work and what makes a good media pitch!

Andrea: You’ve been a reporter for several years, what do you love about your job?

Roop: I love learning about so many different industries, nonprofits and government agencies. Our job is different every day. As a life-long learner, there is so much we cover on a weekly basis. We have the chance to learn something new all the time. I also love people. Every day, I have the chance to meet people and tell their stories.

Andrea: What is the most important thing local businesses and nonprofits can do when they are trying to get in front of the media to share their story?

Roop: Always remember people. A good news story is never about the idea, or the officials in charge, or the building where something will happen. A story is always about the people who benefit from the business or non-profit.

Andrea: So true! This is why we call publicity storytelling. What types of stories are you looking for all the time?

Roop: Stories that affect people’s money and health. These two areas are important to everyone. Any initiative or product that can help people with their quality of life, help them save money, solve a problem, or make them healthier, we want to know about it.

Andrea: People have many different ideas of what is newsworthy, but what defines a newsworthy story to you?

Roop: News is new. Something we haven’t heard yet. Something out of the ordinary. People often say they don’t want to hear about bad news. News is most often something that should not have happened but did. It can also be something extraordinary in a good way. Certain factors that make good newsworthy stories include the feel good, weird, exciting, eccentric and the inspirational. Those are all good ingredients for solid news stories.

Walker Publicity: Cheers to 15 years!

To say I’m honored that Roop took the time to chat with me would be an understatement! If you’re looking for someone to help you craft that next new, weird, exciting, eccentric or inspirational story, please give me shout!

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